Hazardous Waste Containers

Hazardous Waste Containers to suit all requirements. Fully sealed to contain all types of Hazardous Waste including Asbestos Containers, Food Waste Containers, Hospital Waste and Sludge Containers. You can rely on Firber Engineering to build durable products for demanding industries.

Producing and storing hazardous/special waste

All businesses that produce waste have a duty of care to make sure that it is handled and stored safely. If the waste is hazardous/special, extra controls apply.

How to store hazardous/special waste

If you keep hazardous/special waste on your premises, even for a short period of time, you must:

  • ensure that it is stored safely and securely to prevent pollution
  • ensure that it is packaged and labelled correctly
  • keep the different types of hazardous/special waste separate
  • keep hazardous /special and non-hazardous waste separate
  • keep liquid hazardous/special waste in a dedicated area, with a bund or barrier to contain spills and leaks
  • regularly check storage areas for leaks, deteriorating containers or other potential risks
  • display written instructions for storing and disposing of each type of hazardous/special waste
  • maintain an inventory of the hazardous/special wastes kept on your premises, and where they are stored – this – will help the emergency services to deal with any incident effectively and safely.

You can rely on Firber Engineering to build durable hazardous waste containers for demanding industries to maintain safety on site, transportation and or waste management.

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